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Here is the info. of stander for your reference.Descriptions:1. Plug and play!
2. Supports Raspberry Pi 3, PS3, PS4, Will U, Xbox 360 / One, M ac mini !
3. Automatic recognition of high-definition and signal source( such as PS3=720P /PS-4&360=1080P)
4. Support HDMI1.4 (audio and video synchronous transmission, IC internal decoding, with patented AC-97 multi-sound field processing mode);
5. Support HDMI / VGA 2 kinds of display mode!
6. Support 1080P, and it is 1920 * 1080 physical resolution, the ratio is 16: 9!
7. The pictures will not be stretched! Panel brightness: 500cd / m2
Notes: Do not have Touch function.Screen Features:- High contrast ratio, Ultra wide viewing angle
- FHD(1920 x 1080 pixels) , 208PPI resolution
- Low power consumption
- Fast Response
- LED Back Light with Internal LED Driver
- Temperature sensor is implemented
- Digitizer is implemented
- DE (Data enable) only mode
- LVDS Interface 2CH
- Green product (BFR/CFR/PVC Free)
- 60Hz V-sync Frequency
Notes: For more info. please click here.Package Included:1 x 10 Inch FHD Monitor
1 x HDMI Cable (About 150cm/59.06inch)


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