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Description:This is a DIY kit, need to assemble it yourself, if you need to buy finished one, please go to 1369844.
Type: IV-11
RGB full-color background lamp
Using a 5VDC power supply
Soldering tips.
1. The use of high precision clock chip display time (upgrade: support 12/24 hours display);
2. The use of high precision clock chip display date (Upgrade: Support year, month, day/month, day, year/day, month, year format);
3. Automatic switch setting;
4. With a timing alarm clock that can be switched off and adjusted;
5. Using interrupt mode to read the DS18B20 temperature code, read the temperature value is accurate, does not beat. Unlike regular reading of the DS18B20 code, the code handles things a little more and is not normal;
6. Can be switched automatically alternately display time, date, temperature (Duration can be set);
7. Two breathing lamps in the center, the color can be adjusted by remote control;
8. Under the electronic tube with
RGBled, the effect can be closed. Display mode controllable (Breath 5 times, Automatic color switching).
IV11 fluorescent tube clock infrared remote control button protocol
Button marking Function
Power button Turn on/off the automatic switch function
Back button Display time mode 12/24 hour switching
Display date mode Year Month Day/Day Month Year/Month Day Mode Switch
Display temperature mode Celsius °C / Fahrenheit F mode switching
Time switch mode 3 kinds time period switching
Switching time mode Turn automatic display on/off
- button In adjustable mode (when the tube value is flashing), the value is reduced
+ button In adjustable mode (when the tube value is flashing), the value is increased.
C button In the automatic on/off mode, the modification time is confirmed (It can't modify when the format does not match)
Rewind button The rgbLED under the tube is in the breathing state, the last color
Fast forward button The rgbLED under the tube is in the breathing state, the next color
Pause button Alarm mode Turn the alarm on/off
Timing turn on/off  mode Start/end time period switching
Except the above two modes The last LED (week) is turned off/on
TEST button In adjustable mode (such as time mode), adjust the position to switch back and forth
MENU button On/off (automatic switching color of rgbLED under the tube)
1 Time mode
2 Date mode
3 Alarm setting mode
4 Temperature mode
5 Test mode
6 Auto power on/off setting mode
7 Time, date, temperature switching time setting, whether to start automatic switching setting
8 The 6 LEDs under the tube are turned off/blinking/constantly lit, and the three states are switched back and forth.
9 Color switching of 2 breathing rgbLEDs in the middle of the tube
0 2 breath rgbLED in the middle of the tube is turned off/on

IV11 Fluorescent Tube Clock List:
NO. Name Corresponding component silk screen Quantity
1 6cm*20cm Circuit board   1
2 DS3231 DIP clock chip U4 1
3 6803 SMD chip U9 1
4 1117-3.3 SMD chip U13 1
5 5.5*2.1 DC socket 5VDC 1
6 8550 DIP Transistor 8550 1
7 BAT batter 1220 With solder seat BAT 1
8 104pf DIP monolithic capacitor C1~C6,C8,C10,C11,C13,C15 11
9 470pf DIP monolithic capacitor C7 1
10 220uf/35V/50V DIP capacitor C9 1
11 220uf/10V DIP capacitor C12, C14 2
12 1N4007 DIP diode D1,D2,D3 3
13 1N5819 DIP diode D4 1
14 DS18B20 DIP Temperature Sensor DS18B20 1
15 Infrared integrated receiver HS0038 1
16 220uH/330uH DIP inductor L1 1
17 470Ω DIP resistor R1, R2, R3, R4,  R8~R37, 34
18 10K DIP resistor R5,R7,R41,R42 4
19 100Ω DIP resistor R38 1
20 0.33Ω1W DIP resistor R39 1
21 2.2K DIP resistor R43 1
22 47K DIP resistor R40 1
23 5mm DIP Common anode rgbled lamp RGB1,RGB2,RGB3,RGB4,RGB5,RGB6 6
24 47K/22K DIP 9-foot exclusion RP1,RP2,RP3,RP4,RP5,RP6 6
25 Buzzer BELL 1
26 STC15F2K-DIP28 SCM U17 1
27 ULN2803 DIP chip U1,U3,U6,U8,U12,U15 6
28 74HC595 DIP chip U2,U5,U7,U10,U14,U16 6
29 MC34063 DIP chip U11 1
30 DIP28+DIP8+DIP18+DIP16 (DIP28 base narrow body) each set of base 1set
31 NB11(IV11)Electronic tube MG1,MG2,MG3,MG4,MG5,MG6 6
32 A set of acrylic shells and accessories   1
33 51 universal remote control   1
34 5VDC 2A adapter   1

Package included:
1 x DIY IV-11 Fluorescent Tube Clock Kit

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