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Input voltage: DC 5V
Operating current: 220mA maximum
Fluorescent tube model: IV-18 (ИB-18 1984-1992 manufactured by the former Soviet Union)
Dimensions: 200mm x 52mm x 64mm (L x W x H) fluorescent tube length 115mm diameter 18mm
Working temp: 0°C - 60°C 
Net Weight: 350g 
Shell material: Aluminum alloy   
Functional features:
1. Eight digits in IV-18 (ИВ-18) VFD tube display. (~1980-1992 made in USSR). 
2. Display hour, minute and second (12 or 24 hour format optional). 
3. Display year, month and day and Chinese lunar date (YY-MM-DD or MM-DD-YY.DD-MM-YY.YY-DD-MM format optional). 
4. Leading zero ON/OFF function. 
5. GPS real-time adjustment. Automatically  adjusts  date  and  time; GPS status display (package does not includes GPS). 
6. GMT time zone functions, the clock will calculate the local time based on satellite.   
7. Temperature display (°C or °F) (with optional temperature sensor). 
8. Two alarm clock (set ON/OFF independent alarms). 
9. Alternating, date and temperature display. Adjustable display intervals. 
10. Timer function. Can be set up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. 
11. Display ON/OFF timer. Easily check time and date after when powered off. 
12. 8 manual brightness levels; auto brightness for ambient conditions. 
13. Sound ON/OFF button. 
14. Display information auto-rotates 180° based on clock orientation. 
15. IR remote controller operation. (included) 
16. Extremely precise RTC module provides accuracy less than 1 minute/year. 
17. Built-in backup lithium battery will maintain clock time more than 3 years. 
Package includes:
1 x Set of metal housing accessories (including all metal fittings and screws used in the assembly of the housing)
1 x Set of semi-finished PCB boards (all patch components have been soldered using a mounter)
1 x Set of electronic components (need to own DIY soldering)
1 x IV-18 fluorescent tube
1 x Infrared remote control
1 x MiniUSB cable (1.2M long)
Note: GPS receiver is not included. Instructions please download the electronic version which is at the top

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